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Thought-provoking, eye-opening, heartwarming, transfiguring . . . live performance is all of these things—things that we truly need in our community. And YOU play a crucial role! The arts can transport us to a different world, give us a new perspective on familiar issues, and help us empathize with others. It enriches our lives—which we need now more than ever.

Your support of the Herberger Theater Center ensures that Phoenix enjoys the benefits of a thriving arts community. Your support will help us continue our mission of engaging the community through diverse arts experiences that ignite emotion, stimulate conversation, and inspire connections with the arts.

In this special 1000-day campaign, our goal is to add 1000 Friends of the Herberger Theater Center by 2024.

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The Herberger Theater Center would like to thank its 1000 Friends in 1000 Days donors for their generosity and support! (as of March 27, 2023)


Arizona Community Foundation, in honor of Judd Herberger

Rebeca Gonzalez & Dave Watkins

Billie Jo Herberger

Jerry Mettes

Mike Parrish

Stephanie Quincy

Jeff & Jane Young


Char & Alan Augenstein

Jason Braunstein

Jill & Kipp Clark

Jeff Guldner

Debra & Jim Larson

Jerry Mettes

Thomas Raffaeli

Jenny Holsman Tetreault

John & Stephanie Weldon

Barry & Barbara Zemel



Lisa Berman

Susan & Bryan Boylan

Kristin & James Carkeek

Larry De Respino

Holly Herberger DelCastillo & Roger DelCastillo In Memory of Judd Herberger, Beloved Father

Theresa Dwyer

Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, P.L.C.

Greg & Sandra Marshall

Mark & Marlene Mettes

Marcia & Andrew Meyer

Kay & Walter Oliver

Dr. Dimitry Philipovitch

Karilee Ramaley

Darlene Richert

Bruce & Pamela Rose

Michael Sillyman

Spence Family Foundation

Hazel Stone

Nancy Swanson

Dr. I. Maribel Taussig

The Robert and Jean Taylor Fund at Rochester Area Community Foundation

D.L. Withers Foundation

David & Nancy Zoloto


Will & Diana Antone

Laurene & Jim Austin

Jennifer & Jay Cook

Ben & Leslie Cooper

Desert Ron

Nick & Mollie Dodd

Patrick Dostal

In Honor of Patrick Dostal

Andrea & Tom Evans

In honor of Linda Florio

Joanie Flatt Family Foundation

Virginia Ramos Foster

Jennifer & Matt Franze

Wendy Gordon

Kaaren-Lyn Graves

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Dawn & Tom Hart

Jason Hauter

Christoph Hilscher & Warren Gorowitz

Meghan & Matt Jameson

Lindsay Jewell

Russell & Trina Kelly

Verrin Kewenvoyouma

Norm & Teri Klein

Tammi Krause

Ira Lagarde

Samuel Marcus

Pedro Miranda

Bardia Nikpourian

Michael O'Connor

David Petersen

Jonathan Poure

Michael Regan

Christopher Rodriquez

Jim Saunders

Brooks & Sasha Thiele

Janet & Martin Tierney

David & Robin Wright

Kristin & Phil Wurr


Bell Ford

Bell Lexus

In honor of Lucas Dostal

Megan & Mike Burke

Chuck Case

Scott Clark

Bobb & Karol Cooper

Samantha & Gerald Deetz

Anne DeGraw

Vallie Dodge

Lori Elander

Sharif Faruque

Nancy Foster

James & LInda Hazlewood

HKM Employment Attorneys

B.J. Ho

Marcia & Wayne Hungerford

Brian & Tammy Kafenbaum

Garry Lee Lenig, Jr.

Brad & Karlene Martorana

MDK Law Group

Deborah Mendelson

Billy Milham

Phyllis & Leonard Miller

Debra Paget & Jeff Berg

Phoenix Veterinary Center

Stan Robertson

Alban Schuele

Kelly & Mia Singer

Melissa & Matthew Stoloff

Kip Teaford

William Weese

Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC

Dan Withers

Yen Pilch Robaina Kresin PLC


Bryant Aplass

Catherine Baimonte

Ann Berry

Jeffrey Brooke

In Memory of Theresa M. (Teri) Canady

Mary & Sam Colachis

Sheri Compton

Erika Coombs

Bradley & Brianne Cosman

Paula & Tim Cullison

Theresa Dwyer

Sue & Mike Eddy

Barbara Filosi

Becky & David Gaspar

Peggy Goodrich

Robert Hanna

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Heid

Albert Herr

Mary & Dan Hoadley

Scott Holcromb

Donna Horne

Gary Jackson & Oscar De las salas

Dan Jones

Louis Katterhenry

In Memory of Alan R. Kennedy

In Memory of David Wo

Nicole Kennedy

Pat Kingston

Carol & Steve Ludick

Monica Lumpkin

Amy Masinelli

Norma McCann & Robert Helffrich

Patrick McWhortor

Rita Meiser

Tara & Mark Mettes, Jr.

Anthony Miano

Taylor Morgan

Annie Moscow

Jakki Moss & Paul Messinger

Chad & Nicole Neujahr

Barbara Oliver

Linda Olson

Trudy Perez

Rick Rappe

Blaine Robinson

Kim Rogers

Lisa & Keith Sawottke

Tayla Simmons

Stephanie Small

Nicole Stevens

Jason & Aimee Symchak

Steve & Kathleen Taddie

Betsy Villasana

In memory of Alma Vulcano

Joan Waters

Dr. William Weese
>br> Gerald Weiner Designated Fund Caroline West

In Memory Of David M. Wo

Ann & Van Wolf

Diana & Joseph Zerella

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the 1000 Friends in 1000 Days campaign, click donate button or call 602-254-7399 x105.