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The performing arts need YOU now more than ever.

The pandemic’s effect on the Herberger Theater Center community has been staggering. Between performance cancelations and stage closures, it reduced our revenue by 90% between March and November 2020.

We’re turning to champions of the performing arts like you during the recovery from the pandemic. In this special 1000-day campaign, our goal is to add 1000 Friends of the Herberger Theater Center by 2024.

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The Herberger Theater Center would like to thank its 1000 Friends in 1000 Days donors for their generosity and support! (as of September 10, 2021)


Mike Parrish

Willmeng Construction


Judy Ackerman & Richard Epstein

Alan Augenstein

Oonagh & John Boppart

Susan & Bryan Boylan

Jill & Kipp Clark

Theresa Dwyer

Jeff Guldner

Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, P.L.C.

Mark & Marlene Mettes

Marcia & Andrew Meyer

Kay & Walter Oliver

Dr. Dimitry Philipovitch

Hazel Stone

Jenny Holsman Tetreault

John Weldon

D.L. Withers Foundation


American Philanthropic

Dawn Gabel

Kaaren-Lyn Graves

Monica Greenman

Jerry & Christina Hamilton

Dawn Hart

Jason Hauter

Ira Lagarde

Debra & Jim Larson

Darlene Richert

Jim Saunders

Kristin & Phil Wurr

David & Nancy Zoloto


Whitney Alli

Laurene & Jim Austin

Matt & Marcia Benjamin

Central Arizona Project

Jennifer & Jay Cook

Lori Elander

Nancy Foster

Jennifer & Matt Franze

Anne Kleindienst

Doug Kunath

Brad & Karlene Martorana

Phoenix Veterinary Center

Stan Robertson

William Weese

Dan Withers


Bryant Aplass

Catherine Baimonte

Ann Berry

In Memory of Theresa M. (Teri) Canady

Mary & Sam Colachis

Sheri Compton

Paula & Tim Cullison

Andrea Evans

Barbara Filosi

Mary & Dan Hoadley

Donna Horne

In Memory of Alan R. Kennedy

Monica Lumpkin

Amy Masinelli

Rita Meiser

Annie Moscow

Chad & Nicole Neujahr

Barbara Oliver

Blaine Robinson

Stephanie Small

Steve & Kathleen Taddie

Joan Waters

Gerald Weiner Designated Fund

In Memory Of David M. Wo

David & Robin Wright

Diana & Joseph Zerella

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the 1000 Friends in 1000 Days campaign, click donate button or call 602-254-7399 x105.