Thursday, May 5, 2022 • 7:30 pm

Center Stage


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A world premiere musical journey with two of the world’s most iconic women at the height of their power. It is 1993, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just joined the United States Supreme Court; the first and only other woman there, Sandra Day O’Connor, is ready to welcome her and get to work. In an intimate, epic three-person new musical built of sweeping songs, urgent conversations about equality, and truly human heroines, we come to know these two iconic justices at the height of their power. Through a third character, Regina, rising through the ranks of the law, we discover how O’Connor and Ginsburg inspire, challenge, and propel the next generation of change-makers and trailblazers in American jurisprudence. Ruth, Sandra and Regina confront each other about equal justice under the law, strategy, civil rights, husbands, kids, dreams, sorrows, and how to set a new course for our country and the world. 


*5/5 & 5/6: Preview, 5/7: Opening Performance, 5/15 (7PM): Open Captioned Performance, 5/21 (2PM): ASL/AD Performance

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