Wolf Trap

This Arts Education & Outreach program joins Center Dance Ensemble and the Herberger Theater Center to bring performing artists into Head Start and preschool classrooms for a seven-week residency.  The goal is to enhance the educational advancement of children and train parents and teachers in the use of performing arts as a teaching tool. The program culminates in an arts field trip to the Herberger Theater with approximately 800 children participating on stage in movement activities, ballet and participatory music session.

As America’s National Park for the Performing Arts, Wolf Trap plays a valuable leadership role in both the local and national performing arts communities. Through a wide range of artistic and educational programs, Wolf Trap enhances our nation’s cultural life and ensures that the arts remain accessible and affordable to the broadest possible audience.

To support this program or for more information, contact Laurene Austin, 602-254-7399 x105 or email.