My Son the Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy!

Presented by Philip Roger Roy & Dana Matthow

Stage West

December 25, 2013 – February 2, 2014

My Son The Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy!is Brad Zimmerman’s hysterical and bittersweet tale of his 29 year struggle to “make it” in New York as an actor and comedian, while “temporarily” waiting tables to make a living.  His stories about family, career, childhood and a misbegotten love life are as warm and poignant as they are hilarious!

“Zimmerman’s one-man show is a MUST-SEE. It’s hysterical, heartfelt, timely and poignant. I cried, I laughed, I forgot where I parked!” – Brad Garrett

“I’ve had three great opening acts in my lifetime: Billy Crystal, Gary Shandling and Brad Zimmerman.” – Joan Rivers

“My Son The Waiter, A Jewish Tragedy is HILARIOUS!” – Florida Sun Sentinel

Ticket Prices
Wed-Thur: *$43.00 – $49.00
Fri-Sun: *$47.00 – $53.00

*additional fees apply when ordering online


Sunday, February 2, 2pm
Sunday, February 2, 5:30pm